The Right Users.

Chillr was looking for a company who could help them with their App Store Optimization and Search Engine Optimization and we helped them with their social strategy, acquisition strategy and business.

Meet Chillr

Chillr revolutionises banking through strong partnerships, deep integrations & a core focus on user experience.

The Marketing Design Process

The Goals

Chillr has a loyal user base, only problem it was not big. They had support of HDFC Bank when we got on board which was not well utilised. The primary Goal was clear, expand the user base with users who would actually use the app.

App Store Optimization


From using the partner and bank logos rightly to building trust amongst the users who would use a wallet all this was achieved by App Store Optimization and Social Media integrations. We were not only able to reach 1.8 million users in a very short duration without actually spending money on ads, but we also gathered 62,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.2 and in short duration Chillr was acquired by HDFC bank.

From the client

"Delta Labz team is very Rigid when it comes to the right things, initially we though its just another agency who is trying to put pressure on the teams but shortly we realised that they understood the market clearly and then we put complete faith in them. The team work with them was great and results were more than achieved."