Google and Facebook are two kings of all the ad networks available out there. But each channel has their strengths and limitations.

There are plenty of other channels / Ad networks available and there are very strong reasons to use them. Each channel serves a well designated purpose and has its own set of strengths.


What are the Factors you should consider before choosing an Ad Network?

Unless you have some experience a lot of ad networks you won’t be able to decide this. However, this article will help to simplify this answer by considering the most important aspects.


The Devices that your Customer are likely to use

Do Not confuse this with “ Is Mobile Marketing Important ? “ but your main query should be “ How do I take advantage of Mobile Marketing ?”

While Mobile devices play an important role but if you have a serious target audience on board than its very difficult that you will reach out to them on Mobile during the day as they might be working on their Laptops or Macs during that time and only using the smartphone in a limited manner.

Similarly, many dimensions arise like which ad network reaches out to vernacular sites, which has a collection of run of the mill websites etc.

Below are only a few ad networks to give you a brief of their strengths. In case you are looking for a plan to expand your online marketing and acquire more users then please reach out to us we work closely with more than 250 ad networks across the Globe.

1. One By AOL

  • Flexible Targeting
  • Vast pool of mobile applications and websites.
  • Flexible Bidding Options
  • Range of creatives.
  • No Minimum Deposit

2. Airpush

  • Pool of 150K+ Apps
  • Transparent
  • All users have opted for ads

3. Inmobi

  • Focussed on Conversions
  • Ads customised for the right time on right device
  • Moment of Maximum Opportunity.

4. Leadbolt

  • Self-Serve and Full Service options
  • Real Time bidding
  • Vast inventory

5. Ad Recover

  • Recover your ad blocked inventory
  • Larger range of publishers

These are just 5 of the Ad networks to give you an idea of possibilities available outside Google and Facebook. You can not only bring your costs down but also reach to a larger set of loyal users by selecting the right channel for your brand.

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