We have seen many clients turning to us with developed platforms via some Freelancer and after failing to attract any user base with months passed by. We understand that you have cost limitations to follow but not only the design and development goes for a Toss but even if your idea was worthwhile and people liked your website or disliked your website, how will you judge that.

Another, perspective is all of us want to be listed on Google but we often fail to ask a simple question. Will Google show all the crores of websites on the top or there is some way to communicate with Google.

Here’s a list of all the tools that you need when you open your website for the world.


1. Google Webmaster Tools

This Platform is the only way you can communicate with Google and ask them to list your website by asking them to fetch your website. If you don’t do this then chances are very low that you will ever show up in a Google Search. You can start here.


2. Google Analytics

You have announced to the world via Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and some paid ads also that you website is open. What do you do next, how do you track how many people came to your website, how much time did they spend, which cities did they come from, which device did they use to access your website? Google analytics answers all your questions and also gives you real time Tracking of your website traffic, it has infinite possibilities and metrics which you can use to view your data in any combination. You can visit the platform here.


3. Hot Jar

You have traffic, people are spending time but are they getting lost? Are your business objectives not being fulfilled? You can choose to be proactive and install Hot Jar on Day 1 or wait till your business objectives are not being met and then install Hot Jar.

Hot Jar tells you how people are interacting with your website or web page it also records a video of interactions which gives you insights to make necessary changes to your platform. You can access the platform here.


4. Tiger.Do

You might not need this if you have a B2C business but in case you have a B2B business or a B2C business with a Niche like a retail store or a speciality store then you must install this Live Chat application on your website.

It allows your visitors to reach out to you in case they are lost or have any query about your products. You can access the platform here.

While there is no end to these kind of tools, but if you use these 4 tools you will be covered.