To Answer the first question – App Store Optimization is the Most crucial part of your mobile marketing. If you get it wrong then it will result in delayed growth or higher cost of user acquisition.

To help you understand this better On App Stores 6-7%, apps are discovered reading blogs, 4-7% people install after a magazine or newspaper ad, 14-16% install via search engines, 13-16% install by general browsing, 15-19% users install it when on a social media platform and 58-63% user install the app while searching for an app in an App Store.

This process of getting top ranked for the right keywords is called App Store Optimization, which contributed organic users who are most loyal to you apps.


Why App Store Optimization is Important?

We have already discovered in first part of this article that 63% apps are discovered when searching for an app in app store. And there is no other way to reach out to users apart from ASO.


In Short If you are not using ASO then you are missing out on the largest discovery medium for your app.


ASO Key Elements

Title – It is limited to a few words, its up to your digital marketing team to select those limited characters carefully which not only represent your brand but also have enough search volume to get you the volumes that your business need.

Keywords – Only one way to get the right keywords, research, research and research. The most crucial part of ASO. If you get the keywords wrong, you might just end up ruining your app business forever.

These are just two of the factors while the matrix ranges from Screenshots, Videos, No of Downloads, % Of Ratings and Reviews, and many off page metrics.

We have proven expertise in delivering right App Store Optimization for business in Initial Stages and making them big. We have also seen potential products / apps sinking due to some key mistakes in this part. As once you get bad reviews in bulk then its very difficult to manage the situation.

In case you are not experienced with ASO please don’t try it yourself. Hire an expert, in case you want to hire us, please feel Free to Contact us.

You can view few case studies here.